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The Spanish singer Julio Iglesias has sold over 300 million albums in 14 languages and performed approximately 5000 concerts. Known for his romantic music Iglesias crossed linguistic borders to perform with fellow superstars and please crowds across the globe, largely populated with women. Before the suave Spaniard reached stardom in singing, Iglesias was part of the Real Madrid academy. In an exclusive interview with TF90M Iglesias tells you about his love of football as well as his success in the music industry.


1. Before becoming a singer, you were the goalkeeper for Real Madrid’s youth team. Tell me about it. 

Julio Iglesias: I truly enjoyed the period when I was playing as a goalkeeper of the Real Madrid youth team. Every single boy of my age was dreaming about being part of the most important Spanish team. I have beautiful memories about those years, when I had the opportunity to meet legendary players of Real Madrid and see what football really meant.  

2. An accident ended your footballing career, correct? 

Julio Iglesias:  Yes. I had a car accident, when I was 20 and that was the end of my career, but life was very generous with me and gave me a second chance.

3. Why did you decide to enter into the world of music? 

Julio Iglesias: It was not a decision. There were the circumstances of life, those which made me become a singer. I started to write songs and one day I went with one of those songs to the Benidorm Song Contest in Spain. I won it and that was the start of my career in music.  

4. Did Enrique (Iglesias, Julio’s son) ever consider being a footballer before similarly pursuing a career in music? 

Julio Iglesias: Enrique likes football very much, but in his case music has been always a priority. He has known from the very beginning that this was the career he wanted to have.

5. Are you a football fan? Do you support a club? 

Julio Iglesias: Oh, yes, I am and I shall always be a supporter of Real Madrid. It is a great team, which holds a special place in my heart.   

6. You’ve worked with many of music’s top stars, who did you like working with the most? 

Julio Iglesias: I had the pleasure to perform duets with great international artists like Frank Sinatra, Simon and Garfunkel, Dolly Parton, Diana Ross, Plácido Domingo, Willie Nelson, Sting, Paul Anka, Stevie Wonder. I learnt a lot from all of them and I was honoured and delighted to record with them; they are all special to me.

7. What music is on your iPod? 

Julio Iglesias: Maybe you won´t believe me, but I don´t have an iPod. What I can say is that I have the picture of my children on my mobile phone, but not a special ring tone.  

8. Which artists do you like today? 

Julio Iglesias: There are many talented young artists today; my favourites are my sons, Enrique and Julio Jr.   

9. Were you delighted when Spain won the European Championships? 

Julio Iglesias: Oh, yes. It was a great night and a great final! I am so proud of the Spanish team. They did a great job and the joy they brought to millions of people in Spain is indescribable.  We have been waiting for this victory for such a long time and it finally happened.

By James Bailey

I would like to thank Julio for the interview and if you want to find out more about the Spanish singer then head on over to



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